Darby Spicer’s ongoing experimental-space rock project CANDLE fuses psychadelic & progressive rock stylings with ambient sounds & textures that create emotion driven soundscapes that only need to be experienced to be understood. Candle’s latest album Moonscapes was released on June 16th of 2015.


Candle was a dream originally envisioned in the spring of 1996. At that time Darby began to compose various pieces built on the idea of the feelings that could be provoked in the individual listener. It was his intention to stir up the true emotions through the medium of music & philosophical poetry. Like a candle burning brightly, he wanted to show the contrast of light & dark in the greyest area of human existence, that of the soul. This abstract, poorly defined aspect of human existence needed to be shown in its true light so that the hosts of humanity could perhaps find their true purpose in life. Through the soul one can find the pathways to all of one’s dreams.

Darby’s past projects & collaborations have included alternative rock band Shades Of None, Winnipeg experimental band HellinaCopter & classic rock cover band Rough Edges.  Darby also participated in the 2007 edition of the 20 Guitar Circular Wall Of Angelic Sound which is an annual musical event organized by Rob Menard of The Absent Sound.

Darby has shared the stage with various Canadian bands & artists including Shades Of None, Mike Procyshyn & The Comfort In Ghosts, Jordan McDonald, John Thompson, The Royal Canadian Air Force Command Brass Band, Alysen German & Family, Sunset Swing & Calvin Harasemchuk.  Candle was also featured in year 3 of the television music show 807 Back Beat.


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