FLOG Volume 8; Issue 2

February is just around the corner & I have to admit that I’ll be spending the first weekend of FAWM winter camping with Cub Scouts.  It should be a fun weekend, give or take the fact that the forecast highs for the weekend are sitting around the -22°C mark.  Oh well, at least there’s the cabin to sleep in.

As for FAWM, I feel like I’m running out of time in my pre-FAWM prep.  I’ve reorganized my studio setup & I have yet to get everything up & working the way I want it.  This might turn into an ongoing experimentation throughout FAWM – which might inspire some new material.

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On the horizon…

FLOG Volume 8; Issue 1

Ee ghad…  It has been almost a year since anything Musical has been brought forth from my muse.  And FAWM 2018 is just over the horizon so now my mind is turning back to musical pursuits.  I wonder, will my Muse follow?

Experimenting with the base frequencies of musical notes looms high on my inspirations at the moment.  Also, there’s this project inspired by the great Captain Vulpine!’s song Dirge For A Mutinous Philosopher which I really want to explore as well.

So many possibilities & only 28 days of FAWMing…  I guess we’ll have to see what comes of it…

See You In The Shadows…

FAWM 2017 Buzz Screenshots

Stand Alone Track 07: Buzzing Paradoxes

buzzing-paradoxes-jpegBounds Track 05: Winds


Beatty Jams Promo 1 Released!


After many technical difficulties, the first promo for Beatty Jams has been released.  It’s now live on YouTube & some other platforms.  The first installment of Beatty Jams lands this Friday at 5:00 PM in Beatty Park, right in the heart of Keewatin.  Bring down your accoustic instrument, your voice & your lawn chair & be a part of the New Keewatin Tradition.

For more information, as well as the latest news & schedule, check out Beatty Jams’ Facebook Page

See You In The Shadows…

Let’s Jam!

Beatty Jams Logo - 2832x2128px JPEG


Friday nights in Keewatin will never be the same.

Throughout the months of July & August, open air acoustic jam sessions will be held at Beatty Park in Keewatin starting at 5 PM. Come down to participate as a musician or singer – or just come down to listen to the talents of local artists creating new sounds next to the water.

These Jam Nights are intended to be a new summertime tradition in Keewatin.

First Jam: July 8th starting at 5 PM. Live & acoustic at Beatty Park in Keewatin. Contact me if you’re interested in jamming in the inaugeral show.

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Beatty Jams Facebook Page