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What’s your freqeuncy?

I had this sudden thought jump into my brain.  What would happen to people if they found a particular musical note that resonates with them?  A particular note that makes them feel all warm & fuzzy while making their entire body shake with energy.  You know what I mean: like when you listen to that amazing guitar solo by your favourite rock band & the lead guitarist hits that one note that just grabs your whole being.  It is an amazing feeling.  A feeling that we want to experience again & again.  That’s why we listen to music – to feel good.  That is why I make music: I want to make my listeners react to the sounds, tones & frequencies I fuse together.

virtual_keyboard - PNG

So let’s do a little experiment.  Goto this online keyboard  and start clicking on the keys.  You can change it to whatever instrument tone you want (I like the organ sound, myself).  Play each of the twelve notes in the chromatic scale (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb & B) one at a time.  After each note, think about how it makes you feel.  Play that note again if you are unsure as to how your reacted.  Keep playing the notes until you find one that really resonates with you.  I have a hunch that different people will have different notes resonate with them.  For me, the A note really resonates with me (which is probably why I really enjoy music built around this tonality – my favourite chord is A Minor).

Leave me a comment below & tell me your results & your experiænce with this little experiment.  I will pick the best comment & write a song in the key of the resonant note with the theme of the experiænce that goes with it.

Happy experimenting!

See You In The Shadows…

Stagnated Delivery…

My timeline for the mastering & final delivery of the new Candle studio album, Vibrations, has stagnated.  To be honest, I have not even contemplated working on it for over a month now.  Well, that is not entirely true: fleeting thoughts have momentarily floated through my consciousness, reminding me of the unfinished work I have yet to complete in this regard.  But beyond these small reminders that have yet to be acted upon, my mind & my energies have been directed at other pursuits.

Such is the fickleness of human attention.

I am constantly blaming the mundane for the distractions in my life – an assement which is a bit of a crutch.  It is an easy out in my mind.  An old, well worn tool that passifies any anxieties I feel.  I can simply blame the world & its demands upon me for keeping me from doing the things I know I need to achieve.  And this goes beyond the performance & creation of my music.  It applies to all aspects of my complex & multi-faceted life.  The mundane is my scapegoat.  One I constantly call upon when I do not wish to look at the deeper causes of my own stagnation.

Today is the last day of a three day “weekend” (I am currently working nights & weekends at work, so my “weekend” happens mid-week) thanks to Remembrance Day.  Though I have ticked off some of the items on my To Do List, there is much I did not achieve.  One of these items is continuing to Master Vibrations.  Well, fear not loyal Candle Fans & other followers of my unique musings: I am going into my studio after lunch & dedicating the afternoon to working on Vibrations.  It is high time that I finish this project that started in February.  It is time to be ready to release the album to the world.  It is time, indeed – it is Truly time.

See You In The Shadows…