Out There Sounds For The New World Episode 1

I’m starting a new vein of posts whose purpose is to share the most interesting new songs & sonic experiements available.  This first post in this new series will explore some remarkable avant-garde & experimental gems from this year’s February Album Writting Month challenge.

To start off, here are three great tunes that are the result of collaborations between two great FAWMers: Fuzzy & Mosley.

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A Flash In The Pan…

February & March have flown by in some sort of audible haze.  The tide that is spring should be upon us here in the north, but an arctic vortex has allowed Old Man Winter to hang on for a few more weeks, much to the dismay of those congrgating inside the warm houses & offices of this hinterland.

While in the darkness, the experimental sounds of Candle once again emanate forth from the strange realms from whence they originate.  February has come to be a very creative month while March has turned into a time to reflect, remix & rethink the raw creative inpulses recorded in those short days of February.

Yet here we are in April…

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