Flog – Vol 6; Issue 4

FAWM is over.

I am quite proud of what I accomplished this February.  I was able to write & record fifteen songs (one more then the required fourteen to complete the challenge).  I collaborated with two other awesome FAWMers on two of those songs: Titan Spring with @johnny and Ouroboros with @popmythology.  I’m not quite satisfied with the final demo for Ouroboros, but it was recorded in the closing days of FAWM & I hope to re-record a better quality version sometime after I have a chance to rest.

Until then, I’ll be listening to songs posted on FAWM that I’ve yet to have a chance to hear.  I’m hoping on catching up on my Watchlist (the list of FAWMers I am following) & maybe even find some new gems.  Here are a few of my favourites from the final week of FAWM.

The Eternal Return by Sapient & Caterwauler.  A mix of metal & ambience by two of FAWM’s best.  Sapient is probably the most recognized Metal-Guitarist/Composer on FAWM.  His heavy & dark songs are just what those head-bangers of yore (& of today) crave.  And Caterwauler’s amazing soundscapes are second to none with their ability to create images in your mind (even if you don’t read the liner notes detailing the amazing stories she tells with her music).  But then @popmythology (who I collaborated with) challenged them to collaborate & the result is amazing.  I’m not a huge fan of the really dark & heavy metal that Sapient is known for, but every once & a while he’ll write & record something mellower that is just a gem.  This is one of those songs.  I really enjoyed every moment.

Hop This Train With Me by The Energy Commission. One of the fun things about FAWM is discovering new artists.  This year, one of my favourites is a FAWMling (someone doing the FAWM challenge for the first time) whose band is named The Energy Commission.  He completed the challenge using YouTube videos where he described his writing process – a bonus that was very insightful.  I liked all of his tunes, but this last one stands out for me.  The song is catchy &  the lyrics are fun.  I’d love to hear what he’d do with the song with his full band.

The Earth Beckons by Howling Horse.  As someone who writes space-rock, it’s always great to hear other space-rock tunes by other indie artists.  There are a lot of deep tones that form the bed to this track, but then you hear a piano playing an eerie melody & a guitar crying.  The entire effect is amazing, haunting & sure to please those who enjoy ambient soundscapes.

Ramiel by Bodhisvaha. Another neat part of FAWM are the community challenges that get posted in the forums.  There are weekly FAWM challenges posted by the guys running the site, but there are also challenges & song writing games that you can participate in during the month.  This song is the result of one such challenge – The Angel Challenge posted by @donna in the forums.  Basically Donna would give participants the name of an Angel & the participant would then have to write a song about that Angel (or involving the Angel).  Bodhisvaha got Ramiel & I must say he did an amazing job.  This acappella track layers chanting vocals repeating the name of Ramiel, building to a climax that then finishes with a single voice.  The effect is surreal & mystical.

I’m sad FAWM is over for another year.  But now I have some work mixing & mastering the tracks I composed.  That will probably take some time – long enough for me to finish just before FAWM starts again next year.  Starting the cycle all over again.

Until next time,

See You In The Shadows…

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