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One of the wonderful things about Bandcamp is that you are able to discover new music by independant & little known artists.  Just the other day I came across this great Label out of Los Angeles: Fluttery Records.  They call themselves the “bright home of modern classical, ambient and post-rock”.  I must say, this tagline certainly describes the label perfectly.

Currently, Fluttery Records has thirty seven artists on their roster.  These artists come from all over the world & have one thing in common: they all create passionate music that pushes the bounds of what you would expect for rock and ambient bands.  If you listen to the Label’s Free Sampler Record – an album featuring tunes from twenty four of the label’s artists – you will hear what I mean.

These twenty four tracks mix ambient soundscapes with catchy post-rock tunes.  They explore different themes – from getting lost on the moon to keeping secrets.  There’s a lots of songs here, a lot of different styles & many imaginative artists.  But the Free Sampler is just a taste of the entire Fluttery Records Catalogue.

The label was founded in 2008 with the idea of being a voice for artists with vision.  A place where artists could experiement & create without anyone telling them how or what to play.  It’s not a new or novel record label business model, but the fact that Fluttery concentrates on the more avant-garde genres of music means that the label delivers on this philosophy.  Since its founding, it has slowly been growing its roster & its fan-base, promoting this philosophy & the spirit of creativity.

I first discovered Fluttery Records when I heard about a great Artist named Halcyon Chamber who released his debut album on Fluttery Records.  Halcyon Chamber is the ambient project of Jason Baron who sculpts dense soundscapes in his basement studio.  I immediately fell in love with his debut album & purchased it through Halcyon Chamber’s Bandcamp Site.  But then I started listening to some of the other artists on Fluttery & soon realized how many great creative artists this California label promotes.

So if creative avant-garde music is your thing, check out Fluttery Records, their great Free Sampler & their many great artists.

Then come back here and let me know what you think about Fluttery & their artists.  And if you know of other great labels or artists pushing the bounds of music, leave a link in the comment selection below & I’ll check them out – and even do a review.

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