On the horizon…

FLOG Volume 8; Issue 1

Ee ghad…  It has been almost a year since anything Musical has been brought forth from my muse.  And FAWM 2018 is just over the horizon so now my mind is turning back to musical pursuits.  I wonder, will my Muse follow?

Experimenting with the base frequencies of musical notes looms high on my inspirations at the moment.  Also, there’s this project inspired by the great Captain Vulpine!’s song Dirge For A Mutinous Philosopher which I really want to explore as well.

So many possibilities & only 28 days of FAWMing…  I guess we’ll have to see what comes of it…

See You In The Shadows…


What’s your freqeuncy?

I had this sudden thought jump into my brain.  What would happen to people if they found a particular musical note that resonates with them?  A particular note that makes them feel all warm & fuzzy while making their entire body shake with energy.  You know what I mean: like when you listen to that amazing guitar solo by your favourite rock band & the lead guitarist hits that one note that just grabs your whole being.  It is an amazing feeling.  A feeling that we want to experience again & again.  That’s why we listen to music – to feel good.  That is why I make music: I want to make my listeners react to the sounds, tones & frequencies I fuse together.

virtual_keyboard - PNG

So let’s do a little experiment.  Goto this online keyboard  and start clicking on the keys.  You can change it to whatever instrument tone you want (I like the organ sound, myself).  Play each of the twelve notes in the chromatic scale (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb & B) one at a time.  After each note, think about how it makes you feel.  Play that note again if you are unsure as to how your reacted.  Keep playing the notes until you find one that really resonates with you.  I have a hunch that different people will have different notes resonate with them.  For me, the A note really resonates with me (which is probably why I really enjoy music built around this tonality – my favourite chord is A Minor).

Leave me a comment below & tell me your results & your experiænce with this little experiment.  I will pick the best comment & write a song in the key of the resonant note with the theme of the experiænce that goes with it.

Happy experimenting!

See You In The Shadows…