Current Projects…

For the last little while a few things have been simmering over the fire.  The most notable is a bit of video editing I have been doing for a friend from Kent, UK.  His wonderful rock band J needed a video for their amazing song Black Dog Day & I started scowering the Net for public domain footage that would compliment this great song.  I have made a rough cut that the guys from J are currently reviewing & I hope to finish this project up by the end of the month.
For more on J, check out their ReverbNation profile & become a fan:

Band website builder

Secondly, I am working on getting the layout for Kenora’s next Music Scene Compilation Songs From Our Scene put together.  The Kenora Music Scene received a grant from the local Community Foundation last year to help us with production & marketing costs.  Well, we are “well organized musicians” & have yet to produce a final product & have until next month to get this thing together before we have to give the money back.  So time’s a ticking…

Otherwise, I’m looking at linning up some gigs for the summer & I have an idea for a new song inspired by Kenora’s newest “landmark”.  A lil’tune I think I’ll call Compton’s Carousel.

Until next time, See You In The Shadows…

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