FAWM 2012 Preperations

May of 2011 to January of 2012.  There’s consistency… Not.

Anyway, I’ve spent most of last year working on my creative writting.  As such, the sites I usually frequent to promote my music have been left wanting.  I am sorry for this, however if you are interested in some of the fruits of my creativity in the past months, you can read the beginning of the Fantasy Novel I have been working on which is available now at my Authonomy Site: Oracle Awakes

Now it is January, well – almost the middle of January, and February Album Writting Month is quickly approaching.  As some of you might recall, I participated in FAWM in 2010 as well as last year.  The 2010 FAWM saw me write, record & produce my fourth Studio Album: Chromatics.  This Concept Album is available direct from my ReverbNation Store (click on “Albums” in the Store Link below).  2011 saw me only write four songs for FAWM, the best of which was Samhioldananach.  However, FAWM 2012 will be different.

As some of you might be aware, the challenge of FAWM is to write 14 songs is 28 days.  With this being a FAWM Leap Year, we have to write 14½ songs in 29 days.  But that is a technicality I will address when the time comes.  So what am I planning for my 14 songs?
Well, I am opening up the windows of inspiration to anyone & everyone who wishes to participate in something that might become an amazing experiænce.  I am looking for inspiration for these fourteen songs I am going to have to write & record in February.  I’ve decided to reach out to family, friends, fans & complete strangers alike in search of Inspiration. For those of you who might not know, my usual process of songwritting involves one-off “Live To Tape” improvs which I then mix & master in order to release them to the world. Often, I just start playing & see what happens – then I come up with a name for the piece once it’s recorded. Other times, tho, I get a phrase or picture in my head & try to describe it using music (remember, 90% of the music I’ve written for the last five or so years has been instrumental).

Here is what I am asking of those of you who wish to help me in this regard. Give me a phrase, a song tittle, an image, or a very short story which you think will inspire me to write a song. I will then use these as inspiration for the 14 songs I will have to churn out during the 29 days of FAWM 2012. These Inspirations can be anything, except that I want them to fall within a certain theme. The theme being: Moments Of Beauty – situations or examples of Human Beings enjoying the awesomeness of existence around them.

For those who have Inspirations selected for one of my FAWM tracks, I’ll put together some sort of thank you. In any case, thank you all in advance for helping me in all the little & big ways that you always do.

Until next time,

See You In The Shadows…

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One thought on “FAWM 2012 Preperations

  1. Shadolyte says:

    3 friends lying on the beach at night, after having partaken in some 'warming liquids'. Listening to the sound of Lake Superior and all that that entails. Calls of loons across the water and the waves cresting and then breaking on the sand shore. That's my memory for you.


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