Spoons & Production Notes…

My friend, Joanne Gabriel, has inspired me to experiment with creating sounds with my guitar.  As such, I sat down last weekend & recorded a bunch of songs using regular household spoons as the main method of strumming the strings on my guitar.  I played around with a bunch of effects in Jeskola Buzz & was able to create some really otherworldly & spacey tones.  After recording these songs, I had this sudden brainstorm to release them as an EP.

So now I’m working on post production for two projects.  My Moonscapes project which is the result of my FAWM 2015 creativity & now this new EP that I’ve entitled Cuillères Intergalactiques.  I’m hoping to finish up the post-production on the EP this weekend, which will leave me a lot of time to concentrate on the post-production of Moonscapes.  But until I release them, you can listen to the demos on my FAWM page.  Leave me a comment, either on my FAWM page if you are a fellow FAWMer, or in the form below.  Let me know your thoughts on the Moonscapes demos or your thoughts on experimenting with sounds.  Share your outlandish sound creation experiments, or any other crazy thought that might inspire someone else.


See You In The Shadows…

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