Out There Sounds For The New World Episode 1

I’m starting a new vein of posts whose purpose is to share the most interesting new songs & sonic experiements available.  This first post in this new series will explore some remarkable avant-garde & experimental gems from this year’s February Album Writting Month challenge.

To start off, here are three great tunes that are the result of collaborations between two great FAWMers: Fuzzy & Mosley.

String Theory Marionettist

Rain Shadow

A Good Day

There were many calls for a Fuzzy/Mosley CD to be written & for these songs to be longer.  I have to say that I joined this chorus of comments.

Another FAWMer who had lots of fun experimenting with sound this year was PRSRose.  His suite of songs There In Me, written & performed on Theremini using a Boss DD-7 pedal as a looper, are a wonderful ambient journey that the listener can easily get lost in.

There in Me (Parts I-V)

Dunwich, another FAWMer, spent February exploring musical theory with the help of Levine’s Jazz Theory Book & Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies.  His skill in odd time signature compositions & amazing technical skill was on full display this past February.  The following two songs are my favourites from this past year.

Flying Over Tokyo

Fuzzy Ants

Well, that’s it for now.  Check back for more Candle news & updates; including this month’s latest Lightning Flash release (coming soon!).  If you have a song or know of an artist pushing the sonic boundries of experimental, avant-garde or progressive music, leave me a comment & I’ll be sure to check them out & maybe add them to the next installment of this new series.  Until the next time,

See You In The Shadows…


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