Review: Argentavis Exponential by Captain Vulpine!

The mad genius that is Captain Vulpine! returns to haunt your dreams & waking moments with more tales of debauchery, woe, sea shanties & even a demon being released from the Pale.  Argentavis Exponential is the third album from this maverick Portland songwriter (well, under this pseudonym anyway…).  Written as part of the 2015 edition of February Album Writing Month, Argentavis Exponential drags the listener into the Captain’s wild world.

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Out There Sounds For The New World Episode 1

I’m starting a new vein of posts whose purpose is to share the most interesting new songs & sonic experiements available.  This first post in this new series will explore some remarkable avant-garde & experimental gems from this year’s February Album Writting Month challenge.

To start off, here are three great tunes that are the result of collaborations between two great FAWMers: Fuzzy & Mosley.

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Review: A Gentle Fire By Hellenica

On the heals of the album Blood Moon Wolf Head, Jim Demos has released a new track via his solo project HellenicaA Gentle Fire is a mellow, almost introspective track.  It begins with a simple chord arpeggio which is the rhythmic foundation of the track.  A rumbling bass synth enters accompanied by a passionate drum track & suddenly the listener is taken on a journey.  It seems as if we are travelling through time, through some ancient ruins found on the hellenic coast.  There is a sense a majesty & ancient power here – as if those Greek heroes & gods of legend look down upon us now: inciting us to rise above our mundane lives.

Jim has had a varied career as a musician.  He has toured Canada, the US & parts of Europe with a number of bands including Ham & National Monument.  He grew up in Winnipeg & was a high profile member of that city’s avant-garde music scene in the late nineties & early two thousands.  He now lives & works in Montreal & has integrated himself into that city’s diverse musical culture.

One more day, one more spin around…

About a month ago, a wonderful artist from California became of fan of my music.  I was supremely grateful that he added himself to my fan mailing list.  And then I took a spin by his website & started listening to his music.  I couldn’t help but join his fan mailing list.  His music captivated me with its simplicity & great melodies.  But one of his songs, Ferris Wheel Factory, I just can’t get out of my head.  So, because I have it stuck in my head, I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be great if a whole bunch of people got it stuck in their head as well.  Maybe by sharing this great song with my fans, this wonderful artist can grow his fan base.

So, please, take a moment & stop by Solar Kama Sutra’s ReverbNation Page.  Have a listen to his great songs – especially Ferris Wheel Factory.  Join his mailing list & let him know what you think about his work.  There is nothing more valuable to an artist (no matter the medium in which they create) then to hear appreciation for their work – especially from strangers that might soon become friends.

Solar Kama Sutra: Ferris Wheel Factory

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See You In The Shadows…