New EP Released…

My friend, Joanne Gabriel (, has inspired me to experiment with creating sounds with my guitar. As such, I sat down recently & recorded a bunch of songs using regular household spoons as the main method of strumming the strings on my guitar. I played around with a bunch of effects in Jeskola Buzz & was able to create some really otherworldly & spacey tones. After recording these songs, I had this sudden brainstorm to release them as an EP of demos.

These are the demos that resulted from this process.


released 25 April 2015

Guitar, Spoon Guitar, Bowl Guitar, Soft Synth: Darby Spicer

Artwork: Darby Spicer

track list
  1.  Spoons In Space, Part I
  2.  Orion’s Silverware
  3.  Cuillères Intergalactiques
  4.  To Where The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon
  5.  Spoons In Space, Part II

Some Final Touches…

I’m putting the final touches on the EP of Spoon Guitar experiments.  I’ve entitled it Cuillères Intergalactiques & it has been a lot of fun playing around with this new methodology.  In fact, I have expanded the experimentation to more dinnerware.  I used a bowl to create an ethereal loop that begins the fourth song on the EP: To Where The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon.  I am quite pleased with the results so far.

I have one final song to finish for the EP, one which I hope to record tonight.  This means I should be able to release the full EP for the enjoyment of all before the end of the week.  So keep checking back here for the latest updates & maybe a sneak peak at my upcoming Moonscapes album.

See You In The Shadows…