Yogurt Specials

I know: it’s cheesy.  It reminds me of that scene from Space Balls where Yogurt shows the heroes his secret vault which is full of movie merchandise.  And he gives them that big speech about: “Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made!”  Basically, slap your name & logo on anything that you can & try to sell it.

Well, I’m unapologetic.  I’m following the “Yogurt’s Money Thru Merchandising” formula.  So I slapped the Vibrations album cover on a bunch of stuff (t-shirts, USB sticks, etc…) & put them up for sale – just to see what happens.  Maybe I can sell one or two of these “Yogurt Specials” & put the money toward some hard-copy versions of Vibrations.  Or maybe a new guitar pedal…

Anyway, I would love for it for you to at least have a laugh at my cheesy attempt to make some money (it’s why I still have a day job – I don’t make a living from my music).  And if you were kind enough to actually buy one of these lovely items, I would be forever grateful.  But now I just sound like a desperate used-car salesman.  Oh well, have a laugh at my “Yogurt Specials” & may the Schwartz be with you!

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