“Man is but a bridge to the Übermensche.” This is the statement being made with Candle’s latest single: Übermensche, released today on Layaway Records. Übermensche is the second single from Candle’s sixth studio album: Vibrations, which was released in the fall of 2014. The song & its B-Side were written in February 2014 as part of the annual online song writing challenge February Album Writing Month ( Ken Ficara, a fellow FAWM participant, writes of Heartbeat: “The very pretty little piano melody over the wall-of-drone is extremely effective. This is quite a track.

Darby Spicer’s ongoing experimental space rock project Candle fuses psychedelic & progressive rock stylings with ambient sounds & textures that create emotion driven soundscapes that only need to be experienced to be understood. Darby composes various pieces built on the idea of feelings that can be provoked in the individual listener. It is his intention to stir up true emotions through the medium of music & philosophical poetry. Like a candle burning brightly, he wants to show the contrast of light & dark in the greyest area of human existence: that of the soul.

Übermensche & its B-Side, Cær Sidi (Ancient Sources Remix), can be downloaded from Candle’s Bandcamp page:; where listeners can name the price they feel the download warrants. The download also includes album artwork, printable liner note collector cards, CD label, as well as bonus material. For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, contact: Darby Spicer: candleexperience at gmail dot com

Yogurt Specials

I know: it’s cheesy.  It reminds me of that scene from Space Balls where Yogurt shows the heroes his secret vault which is full of movie merchandise.  And he gives them that big speech about: “Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made!”  Basically, slap your name & logo on anything that you can & try to sell it.

Well, I’m unapologetic.  I’m following the “Yogurt’s Money Thru Merchandising” formula.  So I slapped the Vibrations album cover on a bunch of stuff (t-shirts, USB sticks, etc…) & put them up for sale – just to see what happens.  Maybe I can sell one or two of these “Yogurt Specials” & put the money toward some hard-copy versions of Vibrations.  Or maybe a new guitar pedal…

Anyway, I would love for it for you to at least have a laugh at my cheesy attempt to make some money (it’s why I still have a day job – I don’t make a living from my music).  And if you were kind enough to actually buy one of these lovely items, I would be forever grateful.  But now I just sound like a desperate used-car salesman.  Oh well, have a laugh at my “Yogurt Specials” & may the Schwartz be with you!

The Official Candle Store

See You In The Shadows…

From Mensche to Übermensche…

Already the Vibrations are being felt across the universe.  In places & moments throughout existence, the ten songs that make up the new album are being Experiænced by fans & new listeners alike.  As we speak, there are souls who are listening to these new songs for the first time – reacting to the frequencies, tones & instrumentations.  Their minds & bodies are in sync & are beginning to feel a shift.  It is a chance to grow into something greater.  A chance to Experiænce a deeper level – a deeper meaning.  Something that is just below the surface – but something that we all can still sense.

Take a step, one small step in your journey through exsitence.  Experiænce the new Candle album right now. Continue reading

Acts Of Deception (The Magic Circus or Weasels Stole Our Fruit)


What does it take for the Individual to achieve their Higher Self? This is a question asked of the listener of Candle’s latest studio album Vibrations, released today on Layaway Records. Written in February 2014 as part of the annual online song writing challenge February Album Writing Month  (, Candle’s sixth studio album is the result of a new method of composing music. Continue reading

Things Are Not As They Seem…

The countdown has begun for the release of Vibrations, Candle’s sixth full length studio album.  A release date of Yule 2014 (December 21) has been set.  The final preperations for the release have begun – including post-production work.  In nineteen days, Vibrations will be heard & felt across the world.  You can already feel the energy building…

However, now is your chance to reserve your special bonus.  In conjunction with the release of Vibrations, Candle will be releasing an exclusive fan-only single (including an exclusive fan-only B-side) along with a host of collectable extras.  All you have to do to get your hands on this exclusive package is to sign up for Candle’s Mailing List & your copy of this exclusive content will be secured.

fan_collector_html5 - Modified

19 days & counting…  don’t wait!  Click on the Mailing List graphic right now & make sure you get your own copy of this fan-only single.  Add your Vibration to the growing energy that is building around this much anticipated album release!

See You In The Shadows…

Stagnated Delivery…

My timeline for the mastering & final delivery of the new Candle studio album, Vibrations, has stagnated.  To be honest, I have not even contemplated working on it for over a month now.  Well, that is not entirely true: fleeting thoughts have momentarily floated through my consciousness, reminding me of the unfinished work I have yet to complete in this regard.  But beyond these small reminders that have yet to be acted upon, my mind & my energies have been directed at other pursuits.

Such is the fickleness of human attention.

I am constantly blaming the mundane for the distractions in my life – an assement which is a bit of a crutch.  It is an easy out in my mind.  An old, well worn tool that passifies any anxieties I feel.  I can simply blame the world & its demands upon me for keeping me from doing the things I know I need to achieve.  And this goes beyond the performance & creation of my music.  It applies to all aspects of my complex & multi-faceted life.  The mundane is my scapegoat.  One I constantly call upon when I do not wish to look at the deeper causes of my own stagnation.

Today is the last day of a three day “weekend” (I am currently working nights & weekends at work, so my “weekend” happens mid-week) thanks to Remembrance Day.  Though I have ticked off some of the items on my To Do List, there is much I did not achieve.  One of these items is continuing to Master Vibrations.  Well, fear not loyal Candle Fans & other followers of my unique musings: I am going into my studio after lunch & dedicating the afternoon to working on Vibrations.  It is high time that I finish this project that started in February.  It is time to be ready to release the album to the world.  It is time, indeed – it is Truly time.

See You In The Shadows…