Have you heard the new mixes?

No seriously, have you heard the new mixes of Titan Spring?

And while you’re at it, download the Eagle Landing Promo Single & get your coupon for 50% of your purchase of Moonscapes.

Then let me know what you think of these latest songs & what sort of other bonus material you’d love to hear or get with future releases.

See You In The Shadows…

Titan Spring Single Released

Buy The Titan Spring Single

Available now for the low price of One Canadian Dollar, you get four tracks: the Single Version of Titan Spring, two remixes by Halõ & a live acoustic version. Never mind the printable CD sleeve, CD label & collectable liner notes cards. All for a Canadian Buck? A great deal for these exclusive tracks & bonus items!

Buy The Titan Spring Single Now

Once you’ve listened to the tracks, let me know what you think of them in the comment form below.  Also, tell me what other sorts of bonus items you would love to see in future Candle releases.

See You In The Shadows…

A Sneak Preview…

The Titan Spring Single is almost ready to be released.  But for those of you who want to hear the new edited version of the track before the official release, drop by Candle’s Reverbnation Page & listen to the track (along with an assortment of other tracks – mostly demo versions of album tracks that are not available elsewhere).

Preview Of Titan Spring (Single Version)

Purchase The New Album: Moonscapes

See You In The Shadows…

50% Off New Studio Album!

For everyone who downloads the Eagle Landing Promo Single, there is a coupon included that will give you 50% off your purchase of Moonscapes when it is released (which will hopefully be soon!).  So get over to Candle’s Bandcamp Page & download the newest Candle single & take advantage of this great deal.  And remember, the Eagle Landing Promo Single is a free download – or you can name your price if you think it warrants payment.


Just released on Layaway Records, Candle’s new Stand-Alone Single Paradesian Fields is now available.  Pick your price to download in various formats.  If you want this single for FREE, you can choose that as well.  Enjoy the trip through the fields of the distant planet of Paradesia & leave me a comment below.  Let me know what you think of the new song & stay tuned for a sneak peak of the new studio album Moonscapes which is in post-production right now.


Until next time,

See You In The Shadows…