From Mensche to Übermensche…

Already the Vibrations are being felt across the universe.  In places & moments throughout existence, the ten songs that make up the new album are being Experiænced by fans & new listeners alike.  As we speak, there are souls who are listening to these new songs for the first time – reacting to the frequencies, tones & instrumentations.  Their minds & bodies are in sync & are beginning to feel a shift.  It is a chance to grow into something greater.  A chance to Experiænce a deeper level – a deeper meaning.  Something that is just below the surface – but something that we all can still sense.

Take a step, one small step in your journey through exsitence.  Experiænce the new Candle album right now.Uncover new sounds, new feelings, new vistas & maybe even new ideas.  Then tell me & the rest of the world about your Experiænce.  Let us all know what you heard.  Let us all know how you felt.  Let us all know what you saw in your mind’s eye as you listened.  Most importantly of all: let us all know what new ideas sprang into your consciousness as the Vibrations coursed through your soul.  Use the comment form below & share your own Experiænce.

Purchase your copy of Vibrations right now.  The download also includes full CD artwork (4-page booklet, tray card & CD label), a copy of the album press release & printable Liner Note Postcards that contain the original liner notes posted on during the writing of the album.

See You In The Shadows…

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