FLOG Volume 7; Issue 1


I’ve been spinning various ideas around my brain since late November. What to do for FAWM 2016? It’s a FAWM Leap Year so I know I have to do 14½ songs (I always enjoy making an ½ song). I’ve thought of doing a bunch of covers “in a Space Rock Style” with my own compositions to fill out the required 14½. I’ve also thought of just letting my muse lead me (like last year – which produced fabulous results). But the thought I’ve sort of centered on in the last couple of days (influenced no doubt by the passing of the late-great David Bowie) is to finally record my first Concept album – one I conceived of twenty years ago now. Bowie’s Space Oddity was one of the prime influences for the story line with a healthy helping of Pink Floyd’s Interstellar Overdrive (arguably the first Space Rock song) & Atom Heart Mother (a “back catalogue epic” that is rarely heard except by crazy Floydish Fans like me) adding musical flavour & structure.

The concept album is called Beyond The Bounds Of Time & consists of nine songs (many of which have free-form jam sections that keep changing every time I play them). I know the idea is “Feburary Album WRITING Month”, but I find that February & March is the only time I delve deep into the recording process. If I don’t record this album during FAWM, it’ll never get recorded – & it’s already waited twenty years. I plan on filling out the rest of my required songs with my usual “Live-To-Tape” Improvs as well as Collabs (I’m sure Johnny will inspire another song with his always lyrics comments).

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Tomorrow & tomorrow & tomorrow…

With the rising of the New Moon, Candle will release their 7th full length studio album: Moonscapes.  Stay tuned for all the release information.  Remember if you download the Eagle Landing Promo Single you will receive a coupon for 50% off the price of Moonscapes.  So get over to Candle’s Bandcamp Site right now & download the Eagle Landing Promo Single to take advantage of this amazing deal!

See You In The Shadows…

From Mensche to Übermensche…

Already the Vibrations are being felt across the universe.  In places & moments throughout existence, the ten songs that make up the new album are being Experiænced by fans & new listeners alike.  As we speak, there are souls who are listening to these new songs for the first time – reacting to the frequencies, tones & instrumentations.  Their minds & bodies are in sync & are beginning to feel a shift.  It is a chance to grow into something greater.  A chance to Experiænce a deeper level – a deeper meaning.  Something that is just below the surface – but something that we all can still sense.

Take a step, one small step in your journey through exsitence.  Experiænce the new Candle album right now. Continue reading

Things Are Not As They Seem…

The countdown has begun for the release of Vibrations, Candle’s sixth full length studio album.  A release date of Yule 2014 (December 21) has been set.  The final preperations for the release have begun – including post-production work.  In nineteen days, Vibrations will be heard & felt across the world.  You can already feel the energy building…

However, now is your chance to reserve your special bonus.  In conjunction with the release of Vibrations, Candle will be releasing an exclusive fan-only single (including an exclusive fan-only B-side) along with a host of collectable extras.  All you have to do to get your hands on this exclusive package is to sign up for Candle’s Mailing List & your copy of this exclusive content will be secured.

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19 days & counting…  don’t wait!  Click on the Mailing List graphic right now & make sure you get your own copy of this fan-only single.  Add your Vibration to the growing energy that is building around this much anticipated album release!

See You In The Shadows…