Working Together…

Musicians & people who surround them are a very community minded bunch.  Not only do bands & artists promote humanitarian & social causes, but they also try their best to help each other out.  A true spirit of kinship is shared amongst musicians – no matter what instrument they play or what genre of music they write or perform. Most musicians are a caring bunch of people.  Here are some examples of this: tour support; cross promotion; bands & artists covering & remixing songs & most notably when artists & bands collaborate with each other.

This kinship also extends to music fans who readily support their favourite artists.  Not only do fans buy our music & merchandise – but they also promote the artists & bands they enjoy.  Most fans want their favourite artists to succeed so that they can continue creating the music they love.  And as artists – we the musicians love the fact that there are people out there in the world who enjoy the fruits of our creativity.  For this, we are eternally grateful to everyone who has ever taken a moment out of their hectic lives to listen to one of our songs.

In this spirit of working together, I have a goal for which I would like everyone involved in my own creativity to help me with.  My goal for the Candle Experiænce in 2015 is to expand my fan base.  I would love to share the Experiænce with as many individuals as possible this year.  This is where I need your help.  If you spend any time on this website or on any of my social media or music promotion sites, all I ask is that you share this content with the people you know & who follow you.  Click on the share buttons on the bottom of each blog post.  Post my Reverbnation Widgets when you review any of my music on your own website or blog.  Like my Facebook Page, follow me on Twitter & subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

And in the spirit of working together, I will do the same for your band & its social media pages (if I haven’t done so already).  Just leave me a comment below with the relevant links.

Here’s to a bigger & better 2015 for all the Musicians, Music Fans & other Music Lovers in the world!

See You In The Shadows…

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