Some Good Things Coming Soon…

Yesterday was spent performing & recording a new video project inspired by the greatly misunderstood German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.  The Good Four takes its name from an aphorism presented in Nietzsche’s 1881 book entittled The Dawn.  The video is over an hour & a half long & features songs from across Candle’s repitoire as well as a number of brand new improvisations.  The performance was captured via webcam.

Post production work will commence on the video shortly.  However, here is a sneek peak at the new video.  This brand new song is called Alhambra At Dusk & is a live improvisation recorded during The Good Four sessions.


Working Together…

Musicians & people who surround them are a very community minded bunch.  Not only do bands & artists promote humanitarian & social causes, but they also try their best to help each other out.  A true spirit of kinship is shared amongst musicians – no matter what instrument they play or what genre of music they write or perform. Most musicians are a caring bunch of people.  Here are some examples of this: tour support; cross promotion; bands & artists covering & remixing songs & most notably when artists & bands collaborate with each other.

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