From The Vault…

I know things here at Candle Experience Dot Com have been really quiet for the last couple of months.  Sorry about that.  But I have gotten side-tracked on a bit of a historical exploration.  It all started when my buddy Jim (of Hellenica & The Golden Tombs) asked me if I had any recordings from our days when we played together in the Winnipeg experiemental-rock band Hellinacopter.  Well I did.

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Quietaphobics – Double Teamer – Live On 807 Back beat

From the local Cable TV archive – a show I co-created & produced back in the day.  My favourite Quietaphobics song in all their alt-folk glory.  A walk down memory lane…  Enjoy!

Review: Joanne Gabriel – Aandrala (The Keys)

I have been a huge fan of Joanne Gabriel’s amazing soundscapes for quite a number of years now.  Her latest album, Aandrala (The Keys), does not disappoint.  Joanne has taken her layered songwriting composition style to a whole new level.  The fact that she has wrapped this intricate music around an amazing story makes this album all the more engaging.  What started out as a series of stories that Joanne has had in her head, has now been put into an amazing sonic experience that forces the listener to cry: “I need to hear more!  I need to hear the rest of the story!”

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One more day, one more spin around…

About a month ago, a wonderful artist from California became of fan of my music.  I was supremely grateful that he added himself to my fan mailing list.  And then I took a spin by his website & started listening to his music.  I couldn’t help but join his fan mailing list.  His music captivated me with its simplicity & great melodies.  But one of his songs, Ferris Wheel Factory, I just can’t get out of my head.  So, because I have it stuck in my head, I got to thinking: wouldn’t it be great if a whole bunch of people got it stuck in their head as well.  Maybe by sharing this great song with my fans, this wonderful artist can grow his fan base.

So, please, take a moment & stop by Solar Kama Sutra’s ReverbNation Page.  Have a listen to his great songs – especially Ferris Wheel Factory.  Join his mailing list & let him know what you think about his work.  There is nothing more valuable to an artist (no matter the medium in which they create) then to hear appreciation for their work – especially from strangers that might soon become friends.

Solar Kama Sutra: Ferris Wheel Factory

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See You In The Shadows…


Is the heartbeat of the Earth like the heartbeat of your soul? This is a question asked of the listener of Candle’s latest single Heartbeat, released today on Layaway Records. Heartbeat is the lead-off single from Candle’s forthcoming sixth studio album: Vibrations. The new album is set for release in the fall of 2014. This new music was written in February 2014 as part of the annual online song writing challenge February Album Writing Month ( Odilongreen, a fellow FAWM participant, writes of Heartbeat: “Very atmospheric and contemplative, and I like the way the lead synth is presented as a bit ‘off’ (or, more appropriately, ‘unusual’) in its timing. This has a very ‘future’ feel to it, but is still rock-music-like enough to be pretty accessible. Very intriguing composition.

Darby Spicer’s ongoing experimental space rock project Candle fuses psychadelic & progressive rock stylings with ambient sounds & textures that create emotion driven soundscapes that only need to be experienced to be understood. Darby composes various pieces built on the idea of feelings that can be provoked in the individual listener. It is his intention to stir up true emotions through the medium of music & philosophical poetry. Like a candle burning brightly, he wants to show the contrast of light & dark in the greyest area of human existence: that of the soul.

Heartbeat & its B-Side, The Halls Of Amenti, can be downloaded from Candle’s Bandcamp page:; where listeners can name the price they feel the download warrants. The download also includes album artwork, printable liner note collector cards, CD label, as well as bonus material.