Acts Of Deception (The Magic Circus or Weasels Stole Our Fruit)


What does it take for the Individual to achieve their Higher Self? This is a question asked of the listener of Candle’s latest studio album Vibrations, released today on Layaway Records. Written in February 2014 as part of the annual online song writing challenge February Album Writing Month  (, Candle’s sixth studio album is the result of a new method of composing music. Continue reading

The countdown continues…

As time marches forth awaiting the arrival of Vibrations, Candle’s sixth full length studio album, excitement has been growing amongst those in the know.  Small bits of information are being revealed that hint at participating in the creative process have echoed across the web.  And the prize?  Well friends, an exclusive Candle Single with a great B-side.  Neither are they otherwise available by any other means.

So how, you ask, do I secure my own personal copy of these exclusive songs?  How do I Join The Experiænce & help in the creation of unique, emotional & vivid music?  Sign up as a Fan of Candle right now.  Upon the eve of the release of Vibrations, every registered fan will receive the information they need to get their very own copy of these fan exclusive songs.

So what are you waiting for?

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